1. Tell us about YOU. The resume does not have to be long, start with the latest experience, point to acquired competences. Write us what you want to do now and what you want to do in the future. Honestly, it pays off.

  2. We reply: Yes, we probably have an offer for you now/we need more information or we have to wait for something more suited to you. If we cannot meet your requirements in any way, we will also say so.

  3. If we have the right offer for you, we arrange a convenient time for a conversation. We need to check if the offer suits you. We respect your time and we certainly do not want you to come in vain. It is very important that we know if there is work for you, but it is even more important that you know whether it is a job for you and for how long.

  4. If both sides are happy with the deal, we go through medical examinations, contract and initial training. Remember, at any stage of recruitment, regardless of the language in which it undergoes in, you can always ask us to repeat a question or an information. A contract of employment, or any other document that applies to you, must always be written in a language that you fully and freely understand.
  5. SEND CV